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Once you sign into your account, you are eligible for any discounts available on our events. You may also cancel your account from here. If you decide to cancel your account, please note that your account will cancel that day. If you are canceling because of the auto-renew, we will honor your membership in-store for as long as you signed up for your membership.

Renewing Your Account

If you are renewing your account and signed up in-store, the system will sign you up for one of our auto-renew monthly or yearly memberships from the day you renew. This means, if you sign up in store on the 25th, and sign online to get on our auto renew plan on the 7th, the system will auto renew you starting the 7th of every month. Because this means you aren’t getting a full month, upon your request we will change the renewal date to the date you originally signed up in store. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.